Los Angeles - Grand Canyon

Los Angeles-The city of Hollywood,stars also called ‘la la land’ . It became more famous and dream for many people after ‘La la Land ‘musical American drama movie. Lively place , This City is blessed with many beaches like

  • Downtown Manhattan beach
  • Vanice Beach
  • El Segundo Beach
  • Santa Monica Pier
and many more!

Incredible walkable area of Manhattan Beach,Santa Monica Beach with plenty of Restaurants ,stores -ranges from high end to local one- offs. There is street parking and several parking structures, however it can be full on weekends. If you’re visiting as a tourist, you’ll find plenty to do and see, however be aware Manhattan Beach is a no smoking city.Good for surfing, swimming or just for relaxing. The pier is beautiful to watch the waves crashing underneath.

At the end of Manhattan Pier ,there is a small roundhouse aquarium which is also teaching center ,fun for students.

I am sharing below pics from one of the pretty restaurant called ‘Rice’ with delicious Japanese cuisines. There are tons of food and drink options to drop by.

Santa Monica is all time favorite beach for tourists and locale .

EL Segundo Beach , many people come here for jogging /cycling very early in the morning/ late evening. It’s close to LAX so you will see planes fly over head. The sandy area is wide and in some parts , is quite a walk until you get to the shore.


Rice Restaurant
Green Tea cake

HOllywood Street

Walk Of Fame! Gaze down to the stars’ footprints ,handprints and autographs immortalized in cement. You can visit Dolby theater which is home of the academy awards aka Oscars ,Chinese theater, you can have glance of Hollywood sign. Now you can enjoy video of it, I hope you would like it.


Beverly Hills

It’s home to many Hollywood stars and you will find upscale shopping Roads. we had a walk around it then went to a small but well maintained Beverly Gardens Park where you have ‘Beverly hills’ iconic sign, big fig tree,ponds/fountains etc .

Griffith Park and Observatory

Nice scenic drive up through the hills at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains. Outstanding views of the Hollywood sign and LA in the distance. The observatory itself is full of exhibits and displays related to the planets, the tides, the seasons, eclipses etc.
 Definitely worth checking out. You will see this area in one of song from ‘La La Land’ Movie.

Foucault Pendulum which is a proof that earth rotates on its axis.
The Observatory pendulum is a 240 pound partially hollow, gun metal sphere suspended from a 30-foot steel wire.
The pendulum knocks over a peg roughly every seven minutes. The direction of the pendulum’s swing appears to change. what we are really seeing is the motion of the earth, rotating the peg into the path of the swinging pendulum.

You could hike to Hollywood sign, it’s family spot to do picnic and to learn something related to astronomy. This observatory runs shows which I heard are mind blowing. If you are visiting LA then this must be one of your destination!

hollywood sign from griffith Observatory

Vegas -Grand canyon and hoover Dam

On one fine weekend me and my friend Sneha planned to visit Grand canyon,overall we were very excited for this trip..

we started from El Segundo via train to union station and then from their via Mega bus to Las Vegas, state of Nevada. Next day we had departed for Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon tour from Gray line Las Vegas center .

That night we stayed in Las Vegas ,first thing which we did was to experience 360 degree view of Vegas through world’s tallest observation wheel -high Roller ,few people take their wedding ceremony on high roller to make it more memorable .From their we started our walk around Vegas which is popular for it’s vibrant nightlife , centered 24hrs casinos but what I liked is how it is built with different themes, I am sharing here few memorable clicks from my Vegas trip.


This city never sleep at night but we have too as Next day was  planned for  Hoover dam and Grand Canyon tour.

Hoover Dam

Next day , we reached to grey line center to get all the details of tour .After finishing all formalities and breakfast , we had started our journey.

Our first spot was witnessing amazing view of hoover Dam of Colorado river on the border USA states of Nevada and Arizona. It was Incredible piece of Engineering! we didn’t spent much time but there is a separate tour or half/one day for hoover Dam too.

Grand Canyon

Words and pictures cannot fully describe this stunning gift of nature. One will be struck by vastness of grand canyon. On gazing upon south rim view ,your mind tries to measure depth , width,length of it. You can’t take your eyes off from this view. You can choose to have view from helicopter which will was little costly, Also there is another tour to have view of grand canyon from west rim. 

For five billions years the colorado River sliced through layer after layer, cutting into the very foundation of  the continent- basement rocks. The basement rocks are grand canyon’s oldest and toughest rocks. They confine the river in a steep,narrow inner Gorge.

tried to catch Colorado river

San diego, seaWorld

One of the best place to visit in southern California , it hosts few sea animal based shows like sea lions, Dolphin and wale. Also has few rides , I absolutely loved this amusement park.

we have called off our trip here . If you have more days then you can continue to exploring more beaches of california ,’disneyland’ ,west rim of grand canyon and more . Enjoy!