Things to do in Badami

Badami is a beautiful heritage site town in bagalkot district of karnataka, Hundreds of rock cut temples from chalukyas dynasty between 6th and 12th centuries. These monuments which shows ‘chalukyan architeture’ has been declared to be of national importance under the ancient  monuments and archeological sites.

How to reach?

There are no direct train or bus to Badami.

we have followed below route :

Pune -> Miraj-> Bagalkot-> Badami. Personal vehicle or rented car is the best and feasible option to roam in Badami from Bagalkot.

In case of public transportation, reach kilaru from bagalkot and from kilaru you will have buses to Badami. There you can take local transport to see all below historical attractions.

Top Attractions

Following are the list of places to visit:

  • Aihole
  • Badami caves Temple
  • Banshankari Temple
  • Mahakuta/Mahakuteshwar Temple

On the ways from BagalKot to Badami we have visited below 2 places in Bagalkot :

  • Tulsigiri Temple
  • Cultural Museum

Badami is a one day trip. After this you can extend your trip one more day to to cover Hampi which is ~140km from badami. On the way you can also visit Shree Renuka Yellamma Devi Temple which is quite famous in Karanataka but surroundings are not well maintained.


Here is little history of chalukyan, This dynasty established by Pulkeshi- I in Badami which is also known as east chalukyans/ Vatapi and capital city of chalukyans. There were two more  chalukyans known as ” Vengi” and “Kalyani”.

Next generation was Kirtivarman and Manglesh from which first kirtivarman ruled in Badami and then Manglesh for few years. Kirtivarman having two sons ‘Vishnuvardhan’ and Pulkeshi -II.

Kirtivarman has started constructing ‘Badami Fort’ which has been completed by manglesh after Kirtivarman and he was devotee of Lord Vishu.

Pulkeshi -II was very strong among previous chalukyans .he killed ‘Manglesh’ to rule badami .He had won many wars near by areas ,Part of the kingdom was given to his brother vishuvardhan and that area known as “Vengi” and other part was ruled by pulkeshin’s son vikramaditya known as Kalyani or west chalukyan.

I got this from cultural museum hall


Aihole is a glory of architecture from chalukyan dynasty ,resides on the bank of Malprabha river.

Aihole previously known as ‘Aryapura’. Locals tells story behind name’Aihole’ , ‘Parshuram’ (incarnation of God Vishnu) cleans his bleeded weapon in the bank of river Malprabha which has changed the water color into red. village people saw that and said ‘Ayyo holie’in kannada (my water!) from there this place named as ‘Aihole’.

From the entrance first you will see vaishnav temple.


Temple Complex
Shiva temple


Pattadakallu is a village near badami. Pattad means ‘Unbroken’ and kallu means ‘Rock’ which is another heritage site with temple complex. You will find here beautifully carved rock architecture from chalukyas dynasty. Most of the temples were severely damaged. Few of them were without idols. It’s said that all these sculptures had been severely damaged during Mughal period. It’s very heartbreaking to see such broken statues of “Nandi'(abode to Lord shiva), shivlinga(represents Lord Shiva) and more..

Badami Temple - Malegitti

Malegitti is also known as Badami Temple, excavated around 550 century by pulkeshin II. It’s a four floored temple ,carved in a single Rock which is incredible!

1st floor – dedicated to Lord Shiva. It consist of open porch, pillars hall and a sanctuary excavated into its rear wall. The side walls of the porch have large size relief sculptures of harihara on the left and Ardhanari shiva on the right. The ceiling is adorn with  deeply cut sculpture of coiled snake- king Nagraja.

2nd floor – was excavated for Lord vishnu in 6th century. It comprises of an open porch and a pillared hall with a sanctuary cut into its rear wall. The ceiling panel features a central matsya chakra(fish wheel) flanked by svastika patters.

3rd floor –  was developed in 578 century by Manglesha for the god Maha- vishnu. Also it accomodates eight armed vishnu, varaha on the left side and harihara, narasimha on the right. side faces of beams carry narrative friezes of episodes from mahabharat and puranas like samudra-manthan etc.

4th floor – It represents Jaina cave temple.the smallest among the cave temples at badami from early 7th century.

This is beautiful view of badami and Vashistha Lake from 4th floor.

Banashankari Temple

One of the oldest temple with beautiful goddess idol, Banshankari Devi temple also known as ‘Shakambhari’ temple. At the entrance it has little open space.

I found surroundings were not well maintained but There is ample of parking space. When we visited it was not much crowded so for us it was quick to come out. From there we headed towards Mahakuteshwar place.

Mahakuteshwar Temple

It’s a group of temples at Mahakuta village from bagalkot district. It’s an ancient temple and also known as ‘Dakshin kashi’ i.e. south Kashi (Kashi is holy place located at north India). This place is Very Calm and surrounded by trees.



On the way to badami ,We visited couple of places from bagalKot .

1. Tulasigeri Temple

2.Cultural Museum

Tulasigeri Temple -Also known as Anjaneya temple, 11th/12th century temple 5km from gaddankeri .Believed to be very powerful, peaceful,famous holy hindu divine temple of “Lord Hanuman”. Temple and surroundings are well maintained . Also it has ample of parking space .

Locals tells story behind this temple is one of the devotee was very old to reach ‘tirupati’ located at Andra pradesh so Lord vankateshwara adorned with Hanuman statue in Gaddankeri.

Cultural museum

It gives a glimpse of Indian culture ,festival,village life and Old Indian practices .There are things from ancient which has been showcased. Here rituals of north karnataka are nicely shown. Each festivals importance are well described and painted using bangle glass, metal ,charcoal etc. It gives lot of valuable information and it’s getting lost in today’s fast life.

It has entry ticket of only 20Rs.

In below video you can see old Indian house. I felt this is best part of museum.

Below videos demonstrate Indian practices ,old times shops likes barbar,blacksmith, carpenter etc.

Food and Hotels

  You can find some local food ,snacks available outside the historical sites.

In badami , we didn’t find any restaurants. I would suggest you to carry your own food. Hotel/stay can be at baglkot.

Hope this blog will help you ,keep enjoying!

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